Eastdale-Donevan, Oshawa Neighbourhood Guide: A Scenic and Lush Topography

Eastdale-Donevan, Oshawa

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Neighbourhood At a Glance:

Average Commute Time to Toronto

Drive to Toronto in 45 minutes without traffic.


A slow-paced neighbourhood close to downtown without the hustle and bustle.

The Housing Market

Mainly single- and semi-detached homes, as well as townhome complexes.

What You’ll Love

The lush topography and proximity to the downtown core.

What Not To Expect

It’s not very busy or noisy.

Nestled just north of east Highway 401 is the quiet residential neighbourhood of Eastdale-Donevan. While Eastdale and Donevan are technically regarded as their own respective neighbourhoods, they are both commonly seen as one area by the Oshawa community. Eastdale is located in the central-east part of Oshawa, with Donevan situated just below it in the southeast.


Scenic and lush, this suburban area is known for the Harmony Creek valley and its rolling hills and ravine, which runs north to south through the centre of the neighbourhood. Eastdale-Donevan’s topography is particularly mountainous where Grandview Street meets Olive Avenue. While the area is low density and tranquil, it shares its borders with Downtown Oshawa to the west, the town of Clarington to the east, and King Street East to the north, so everything you need is accessible.


With many affordable homes and a wide selection of schools, this neighbourhood is a popular choice among families.

Neighbourhood Review


Many of the homes in Eastdale-Donevan are older and in varied styles, dating back to the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. 


Starting down central, Eastdale’s architecture consists of mainly detached, two-storey homes with distinctive exteriors of brick on the bottom and frame siding on the top. There are also a number of ranch-style homes and split-level homes, as well as clusters of townhomes.


Heading down south, Donevan homes are typically spaced apart and situated on large lots. Perusing the real estate here, you’ll find many ranch-style bungalows, split-level homes, colonial revival, detached two-storey homes, and some larger infill homes. Most of these properties tend to reside on the eastern boundaries of the neighbourhood.


Homeowners occupy roughly 85% of the dwellings in the neighbourhood, while 15% are rented. This part of the city also has a good selection of housing sizes with a higher proportion of three-bedroom homes. There is also a lot of new townhome development at Harmony and Olive.

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Things to Do in Eastdale – Donevan

Arts & Culture

If you’re interested in a neighbourhood that prioritizes the arts, Eastdale-Donevan has much to offer. Just five to 10 minutes away lies the Arts Resource Centre near Downtown Oshawa, which is also considered the city’s arts hub.


Additionally, Eastdale Collegiate and Vocational Institute has a Performing Arts Program called the Eastdale School of Theatre, Music, and Dance. This program allows students from Grade 9 to 12 to focus on two areas of General Arts study while completing their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Here students are given the opportunity to expand their arts experience through Ontario’s Specialist High Skills Major program in arts and culture.

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With close proximity to Downtown Oshawa, it’s easy for residents of Eastdale-Donevan to access dozens of shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and professional services. There’s also a shopping centre in the southeast corner, retail and eateries in the southwest corner, and other retail options in the northwest corner.

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Restaurants & Dining

Good eats within the boundaries of Eastdale-Donevan are limited, but there are quite a few places a short drive away within the downtown core, along King Street East. If you’re looking for something closer, Portly Piper Pub, near Wilson and King, is an excellent spot for craft beer and an extensive pub menu. Additionally, towards the east end, you can check out Chaser’s Bar & Grill for an assortment of fusion meals.

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With plenty of green space, wooded areas, and waterways, like Harmony Creek, Eastdale-Donevan has numerous parks speckled throughout the area. The Harmony Creek Trail connects to many of these parks and runs along the length of the neighbourhood.


Mckenzie Park, Baker Park, and Galahad Park are among the most popular, with a multitude of facilities for everyone to enjoy – from basketball courts to diamond fields to outdoor tracks.


Eastdale-Donevan is an area that’s popular for quiet activities like walking, yoga in the park, and enjoying nature. Many residents also frequent the Harmony Creek Golf Centre, a public 18-hole course with ponds, creeks, bridges, mature trees, sandtraps, and a putting green.


There’s also the Donevan Recreation Complex, which features a swimming pool, arena, dance/aerobics studio, skateboard park, and meeting rooms. Many recreation programs are offered year-round, including swimming, dance, skateboard, and scooter camps in the summer. This facility is conveniently located north of Highway 401.

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Transit & Commute Times

The car is often the favoured approach to navigating this part of Oshawa, with no shortage of places to park. Homeowners have access to many bus lines, with bus stops not far from most properties. In Eastdale, you’ll find 66 street-level transit stops in the neighbourhood, while Donevan offers around 76.


There is also easy access to Highway 401, which forms Donevan’s southern boundary, and King Street is a convenient, major artery.

A Green Space to Explore

Eastdale offers a calm ambiance and will appeal to home buyers who enjoy spending time outdoors. Most areas in this neighbourhood are quiet, as there isn’t a lot of street noise or city clamour. There are many opportunities for residents to appreciate the arts and plenty of parks and trails to explore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eastdale-Donevan known for?

The signature feature of the neighbourhood is the Harmony Creek valley and its lush topography.

Why is it called Eastdale-Donevan?

Eastdale is named after Eastdale Collegiate, and Donevan is named after respected physician and Oshawa Board of Education chairman Dr. Frederick James Donevan.

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