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How does Wahi work?

Wahi is a digital real estate platform that gives Canadians the control and confidence they need to make best real estate decisions.

With Wahi, you can find your dream home and the right Realtor for you. Browse property listings that unlock agent-level insights about each property and the local real estate market and you get connected with the right Realtor based on your circumstances.

How does Wahi’s cashback program work?

When you work with a Wahi MyBuy Realtor, they will provide remote service, which means you will get up to 1.0% of the sale price back in cash after close – that’s 1.0% of the total property price.

When a home is purchased, the commission is typically paid by the seller on both sides of the deal. The buyer’s brokerage receives their share of the commission from the listing brokerage after the transaction is completed. For example, if Wahi received 2.5% of the sale price in commission, Wahi would give 1.0% to the buyer in cashback.

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Where does Wahi operate?

Wahi is currently available in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.

Wahi’s cashback program is available in the GTA, Barrie, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph. For more information, click here.

I have more real estate questions, how can you help?

Wahi’s team is available to answer your questions via chat or phone and can easily connect you to a Wahi real estate agent if you have more specific real estate questions. Get in touch with us here.

Buying and Selling

How can Wahi help me buy a home?

You can browse property listings, and set up property alerts to help you get your home search started. Download the Wahi app to get personalized real estate listings and open houses in your area. You can also invite your co-buyer to collaborate and find your dream home together right in the app.

When you’re ready to buy a home, we’ll connect you to a Realtor who best suits your needs, whether that’s with Wahi’s MyBuy program that offers cashback or one of our Partner Realtors who specializes in their local area.

How does Wahi recommend top REALTORS® to work with?

Wahi’s data-driven recommendation engine does the heavy lifting to match you with proven experts in your property search area. Only Wahi approved Realtors are invited to join the Wahi platform based on their track record, so we’ll only recommend local Realtors with the right expertise, in the right location.

What’s the difference between a Wahi MyBuy agent and a REALTOR® from your network?

A Wahi Mybuy agent is a salaried licensed Realtor servicing Wahi’s MyBuy program, which offers up to 1% of the sale price in cashback after close. Wahi agents will provide you with remote service through your home buying journey, from finding properties to managing the offer and closing stage. Instead of in-person tours, Wahi Tour Assistants meet you at the property for your showings.This digital model allows Wahi to pass back up to 1% of the purchase price to consumers in cash after closing.

Independent Realtors have been invited by Wahi to join our network of Partner Realtors. They are proven experts in their local area, delivering results and quality service to their clients. Wahi’s data-driven recommendation engine only matches you with the right Realtor for you based on your unique circumstances, so you know you’re in good hands.

How can Wahi help me sell my home?

If you are looking to sell your home, Wahi can help you get an accurate instant home value estimate to help you shape your selling strategy. You can even track your estimate over time to monitor the market and the value of your home to pick the right moment to sell.

Wahi can also connect you with a proven Realtor in your local area, who can help provide a more customized home value estimate, as well as help you successfully sell your home.

How accurate is Wahi’s home value estimate?

Wahi’s instant home value estimate is 90% accurate at estimating the value of your home. Our AI is constantly learning and improving its accuracy to ensure that we provide the best results. Keep in mind that markets fluctuate and that this is an estimation.

For a more customized home estimate, Wahi can connect you with a Realtor in your area who can layer their local knowledge to your instant estimate.

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Can I use Wahi’s MyBuy program to buy a home and a different REALTOR® to sell my home?

Yes, you can use Wahi’s MyBuy program to buy a home to get cashback and you can use a different Realtor to sell your home if you choose.

I’m looking for a mortgage pre-approval, can Wahi help?

Wahi has partnered with Rocket Mortgage, a top digital mortgage brokerage in Canada that helps you find the best mortgage option. Apply online today.


Can any REALTOR® work with Wahi?

I see Wahi has a cashback program. Is it mandatory for REALTORS® to offer the same cashback in order to join the platform?

Which geographic areas does Wahi cover?

What is the criteria to receive leads from Wahi?

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