Humber Heights, Etobicoke Neighbourhood Guide: Between a Creek and a River

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Neighbourhood At a Glance:

Average Commute Time to Toronto

Travelling to Toronto will take less than 25 minutes via Royal York Rd and Gardiner Expressway East.


Convenient access is available to a large shopping centre with many shops.

The Housing Market

Housing options range from large, modern homes to older, semi-detached and detached houses.

What You’ll Love

You will love the recreational trails, the natural green backdrop, and the convenience of getting to and from downtown Toronto.

What Not To Expect

Public transport, biking options, and walkability are not as good as surrounding areas.

Humber Heights, also known as Humbervale, is complete with both large, green spaces and high-rise buildings, giving you the best of both worlds. Its closeness to Humber Creek makes for some picturesque trails and recreational activities for spending more quality time with your friends and family. 

Neighbourhood Review


In the Humber Heights area, you’ll find buildings from almost every decade. From detached houses built in the 1920s to modern condominiums like the Royal York Grand, architecture in this area comes in a diversified range of styles. You’ll see detached houses with slanted roofs that have a distinct British influence as well as modern, high-rise buildings that use glass liberally. 


Another thing you can expect in the Humber Heights and the Westmount areas is the presence of large, luxury homes with multiple stories and bedrooms. These houses are a stark contrast to the other older, starter homes available in the area. 

home in Humber Heights neighbourhood

Things to Do in Humber Heights

Arts & Culture

For lovers of the arts, the Humber Heights area boasts of several places within a short driving distance that support, encourage, and train these crafts. Arts Etobicoke is a not-for-profit arts organization that is less than 10 minutes away by car. People who love the melodies can check out the Elegy Academy of Arts, a music school in the area. 


If you’re looking for a happening nightlife scene, there are also some lounges in the area you could visit. The quick drive to Toronto opens up more opportunities for similar outings.

Humber Heights neighbourhood


While the area does not have any high-end shopping complexes, you can find neighbourhood plazas that will meet your shopping needs. There are banking facilities, a Dollarama store, a drug store, and a supermarket nearby. 


Local clothing boutiques can also be found in the area, and the neighbourhood is peppered with convenience stores.  

Restaurants & Dining

Even though Humber Heights is not a large community, there is still a fair number of options for restaurants and dining. If you’re craving some authentic Japanese cuisine, you can try LAN Sushi, while Chinese delicacies can be found at Gardenia House Chinese Food. 


The area also has a large number of pizza houses, sports bars, and barbecue places if you prefer something more casual. Baked goods can be found at La Rose Bakery or Caldense Bakery, while a good mix of Western fast food and Asian cuisine can also be found nearby.

restaurants in Humber Heights neighbourhood


Humber Creek and Humber River sit on either side of Humber Heights, making the area rich with large, green spaces. Countless parks can be found along these bodies of water. These parks come with great waterside views and recreational facilities that make for a worthwhile visit. Riverlea Park, Raymore Park, and Weston Lions Park are all a stone’s throw away. 


In addition, you can find smaller parks near Humber Creek, like Chapman Valley Park, Westmount Park, and La Rose Park – all great parks for an evening stroll with your dog.

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For swimming enthusiasts, recreational facilities are conveniently located in this area. Outdoor pools like the Westmount Park Pool and The Fairhaven Park pool are a five- to 10-minute drive from the heart of Humber Heights. 


The natural backdrop of the area also means that recreational trails are easy to find and navigate. For a more relaxing activity, you could try fishing for trout in the Humber River. 

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Transit & Commute Times

Commuting to and from Toronto by car should take just over 25 minutes via Royal York Road and Gardiner Expressway East. Public transport to Toronto is also easily available, although it will take longer. 


Although public transport within the area is well-connected, Humber Heights is not as convenient for walking or biking as some of its surrounding areas. Modern amenities are available within short distances, but you might not want to rely on just walking or biking within the area, especially during the winter months. 

Humber Heights neighbourhood

Modern Charm

If you’re looking for a place that provides a blend of charm and convenience, Humber Heights, Etobicoke is the place to be. The area offers modern amenities without compromising its natural surroundings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Humber Heights, Etobicoke, known for?

Humber Heights, or Humbervale, gets its name from the Humber River and Humber Creek, which surround the area on either side.

Why is it called Humber Heights?

Humber Heights, or Humbervale, gets its name from the Humber River and Humber Creek, which surround the area on either side.

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