Meadowvale Village, Mississauga Neighbourhood Guide: The Perfect Blend of Old and New

Meadowvale Village, Mississauga

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Neighbourhood At a Glance:

Average Commute Time

Union Station can be reached in 40 minutes by car and about an hour and a half by public transit.


An upscale, family-friendly community with lots of shops and restaurants.

The Housing Market

Large detached homes, townhouses, and lots of ongoing development.

What You’ll Love

Newly developed homes, great parks, and plenty more to come.

What Not To Expect

A high walkability score.

It’s hard not to see potential in Meadowvale Village, Mississauga. What was once a significant farming and milling community has transitioned wonderfully into a quiet, family-friendly commuter neighbourhood. Luxury homes, great recreational amenities, and lots of options for commuters on the go drive the demand for Meadowvale Village real estate. But housing stock variety and the area’s relatively remote location for Mississauga can keep potential homebuyers from busting their budget. 

Neighbourhood Review


There are remnants of the Olde Meadowvale Village along Second Line West and Derry Road. The Meadowvale Village Hall, for example, was built in 1872 and served as a one-room schoolhouse until the early 1960s. 


In stark contrast to the functional time capsules of Olde Meadowvale Village, the residential districts are all quite new. The area features a sizable selection of luxury detached family homes built in the 2000s that reflect the Victorian architectural style. 


The Meadowvale Village neighbourhood isn’t solely restricted to executive estates. The well-designed community boasts a good variety of homes for all price points.

Things to Do in Meadowvale Village

Arts & Culture

The Meadowvale Village Hall is no longer a single-room schoolhouse, but it still plays a vital role in this community. The 19th-century building is currently in use as a rentable community space for meetings, birthdays, training sessions, and workshops. 


The area’s art community is on display in the centrally located Meadowvale neighbourhood just southwest of Meadowvale Village. There, locals are able to attend live performances at the Meadowvale Theatre, enrol in community classes at the Meadowvale Community Centre, or check out a book at the newly renovated Meadowvale Library. 


The idea that Meadowvale Village is somehow devoid of retail space is entirely unfounded. Sure, the consumer space in town is restricted to the Food Basics plaza on the corner of Derry and McLaughlin Roads, but even that area has two banks, a Dollarama, a barbershop, and a Shoppers Drug Mart. 


Zoom out a few clicks though and you’ll notice that Meadowvale Village is surrounded by retail space. The Heartland Town Centre just past the neighbourhood’s southern border is one of the largest power centres in the country and boasts over 180 stores, services, and restaurants. The community is just west of the Meadowvale Business District too, which is a veritable shopper’s paradise. 


If there is a problem with the shopping culture of Meadowvale Village, it’s that there may just be too many options to choose from.

Restaurants & Dining

The consumer hubs in the area are loaded with restaurants too. Fast food, fine dining, casual, and family-friendly restaurants abound, with cultural delicacies rounding out a sizable selection of delicious tastes ready to enjoy. 


In-town options are limited to the plaza on both sides of McLaughlin Road at Derry. There you’ll be able to enjoy popular fast food favourites like McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes. 


For a more boutique experience, you can always head south to Streetsville. Hailed by locals as “The Village in the City,” Streetsville is another fantastic source of delicious food including Mexican, Italian, and Middle Eastern dishes.


Conversations about Meadowvale Village green space begin and end with the in-town Meadowvale Conservation Area. The expansive, 72.4-hectare park runs along the historic Credit River and is a favourite among birdwatchers. The publicly owned and maintained park features picnic areas, nature trails, fishing, and more. 


The Meadowvale Conservation Area is far from the only stretch of parkland in Meadowvale Village though. Locals also have the option to visit Scott’s Brae Park, Neebin Park, Horseshoe Park, Knotty Pine Park, or one of the countless small community parks scattered throughout the neighbourhood.

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The Meadowvale Conservation Area is the most popular recreational locale for those looking to stretch their legs but it’s far from the only activity hub. Meadowvale Village is full of opportunities to break a sweat solo or with a group of friends. 


The Derrydale Golf Course on Derry Road offers a unique challenge with its 12-hole, par 40 course. The Courtneypark Athletic Fields on Courtneypark Drive West is open daily from dawn until 11 p.m. It has four basketball nets, a full cricket pitch, a running track, track-and-field equipment, four tennis courts, a multi-pad, and more.

Transit & Commute Times

Residents couldn’t possibly be closer to two of Ontario’s primary commuter highways. Meadowvale Village is sandwiched between Highway 407 to the north and Highway 401 to the south, making for a simple, quick trip out of town regardless of the day of the week. 


Another addition to the neighbourhood “pro” list is its access to public transportation. Meadowvale Village belongs to Mississauga’s vast network of MiWay bus service and is quite close to two neighbouring GO train stations. 


The Meadowvale GO Station is a part of the Meadowvale Business Park to the west, and the Streetsville GO Station is on Thomas Street just beyond the southern border of Meadowvale Village.  

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The Perfect Blend of Old and New

Meadowvale Village is quiet, spacious, and is still emitting that new residential-development smell. It is close to two major commuter roadways, two heavily trafficked train stations, as well as some fantastic shopping and restaurant hubs. There may not be much nightlife, but the day is packed with adventure, exploration, and good old-fashioned family fun. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meadowvale Village, Mississauga, known for?

Known for a small pocket called Olde Meadowvale Village, the area was founded in 1836 by Irish immigrants from New York. The historic development stands as the very first heritage conservation district in the province of Ontario

Why is it called Meadowvale Village?

The name Meadowvale came about as an ode to the area’s initial natural landscape. At the time of its settlement, Meadowvale was home to sprawling meadowlands on both sides of the Credit River.


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