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Nathan Adjoran

Wahi’s product manager, Damien Antoine, is the quarterback of Wahi’s tech team, co-ordinating efforts between stakeholders to bring a best-in-class search experience to consumers. Read about how Damien spends his day balancing product development with customer expectations to help homebuyers find their dream home.

By Kristin Doucet | 2 minute read

Nathan Adjoran

1. Give us the 30-second elevator pitch about what you do at Wahi.

As a product manager, my role is to act as a liaison between the customer and the company, with a strong focus on addressing customer needs while also aligning with the company’s objectives. My primary responsibility is to oversee the development of a seamless search experience that allows our customers to easily find their ideal home across both our app and web platforms. I’m like the quarterback who co-ordinates efforts between various stakeholders, including developers, designers, data scientists, marketing and others, to ensure that our product is solving consumers’ problems and creating value for them.

2. How and why did you get into your industry?

After I received a master’s degree in management in France, I became interested in how the digital age would transform products and employment. So I enrolled in a master of science program focused on e-commerce at HEC Montreal. After graduating, I worked as a product owner for six years before transitioning to a broader role as a product manager. I started my career managing B2B websites and then progressed to B2C websites, as well as working on mobile apps. 

3. What do you love most about your job?

Working as a product manager in a disruptive real estate company gives me a deep sense of pride when clients express gratitude for the product’s role in helping them find their dream home. It’s fulfilling to be a part of such a significant decision and have contributed to it in some way. The satisfaction of seeing your product succeed is a great feeling. 


I also enjoy testing the product and seeing the results — whether positive or negative. It triggers an adrenaline rush for me and the sense of accomplishment when the product performs well is particularly gratifying.

4. What does your day look like?

As a product manager, no two days are alike and those aspiring to enter this field should not anticipate a set routine. The role entails covering a diverse range of topics, features, projects, and disciplines, making each day distinct. Despite this, I try to adhere to a few key activities daily, including setting aside 30 minutes to an hour for product analytics review, dedicating 30 minutes to competitive analysis, and ideating on features for at least an hour (ensuring the results are actionable). And, the most important and valuable part of my week is, thanks to Alia Knightbird, our UX researcher, is spent speaking with our customers. 


There are also many meetings to attend, particularly Agile ceremonies (dailies, planning, refinements, etc.), as I oversee two development teams. Finally, I aim to spend one to two hours per week improving my skills through educational content, such as Reforge. I  highly recommend Reforge programs for anyone seeking to excel in the product management field. It is an exceptional resource that provides valuable insights and guidance.

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5. What book are you currently reading?

Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan is one of my go-to resources. This is a must-read for those interested in technology product management.

6. Do you have any advice for people who want to be a product manager?

To excel in this role, it’s crucial to remain curious and empathetic. It’s impossible to be an expert in every aspect of the field, so be sure to listen, understand technical concepts, and trust subject matter experts. Doing this is more than enough to become a great product manager. 

Kristin Doucet

Wahi Managing Editor

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