Keelesdale, York Neighbourhood Guide: Peaceful, Simple Living

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Neighbourhood At a Glance:

Average Commute Time

Union Station can be reached in about 25 minutes by car and 50 minutes by public transit.


This neighbourhood is peaceful and quiet, attracting mainly families and seniors.

The Housing Market

Mostly two-storey detached and semi-detached houses, two-storey-and-a-half detached homes, and bungalows.

What You’ll Love

The tranquil environment and beautiful, hilly topography.

What Not To Expect

Don’t expect too much nightlife.

Keelesdale, York, is a quiet, working-class neighbourhood with a calm and tranquil environment. Commonly referred to as Silverthorn, you’ll quickly love this area for its rolling hills and lush topography south of the lake.


Bordered by the GO Transit Barrie line railway tracks to the east, Black Creek Drive and the Canadian Pacific railway line to the west, and the former boundaries of the City of York to the north and south, this neighbourhood is filled with affordable homes.


Many families and seniors live in the neighbourhood, enjoying the peaceful surroundings. The community comprises primarily Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Vietnamese populations, and many first-time homebuyers. Several schools are situated throughout the community, including Keelesdale Junior Public School, George Harvey Collegiate Institute, and Silverthorn Community School.


The predominantly one-way streets that twist and wind through Keelesdale’s hilly terrain are a refreshing change from the grid-like street pattern typical in so many Toronto neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Review


Most of the homes in Keelesdale were constructed between 1914 and 1930. These residential dwellings consist of two-storey detached and semi-detached houses as well as two-storey-and-a-half-storey detached homes and bungalows. You’ll notice modest brick-and-frame houses that carry an old-world charm as they sit perched upon gently rolling hills in a village-like setting.

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Things to Do in Keelesdale

Arts & Culture

With such a diverse community, there are many religious and cultural institutions where residents congregate. The Masjid-El-Noor Mosque acts as a hub for the Muslim community while Presbyterian, Romanian Orthodox, and Pentecostal churches and a Buddhist temple serve many faiths.


The Evelyn Gregory Public Library is located at Trowell Avenue and Keele Street, while a UNISON facility offers health and community services to residents in need. The Silverthorn Public Library, on 1748 St. Clair Avenue West, is famous for appearing on the opening sequence of the syndicated Book Mice television show. Children from all over Canada and as far away as the United States have stopped in to visit the home of the book mice. The staff at this library even conduct a Book Mice Tour, much to the delight of the children who visit here.


The area along Castlefield Road from Kincort Street to just west of Dufferin Street is home to the interior design district, where you’ll find many furniture retailers, home decor centres, as well as an Art Shoppe.


The Centennial building at 2694 Eglinton Avenue East is the home of a local historical museum.

Mosque in Keelsdale Neighbourhood


The majority of opportunities for shopping in Keelesdale are situated along Eglinton Avenue West. This shopping area lined with two-storey commercial buildings is known as Little Jamaica. On Eglinton Avenue at Caledonia Road, the Westside Mall is anchored by many national department and grocery stores.


Rogers Road also has a fairly busy retail strip that includes the Black Creek Super Value Shopping Centre just west of Keele Street. Rui Gomes Meats & Food Market is a popular market among the Portuguese community that offers authentic, fresh meat cuts.

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Restaurants & Dining

The diversity in the neighbourhood makes for plentiful dining and takeout options. Manisha is a part of a West Indian restaurant chain that features simple yet affordable quality dishes like flavourful chicken with a side of rice.


Banaboia Restaurant offers authentic Portuguese meals — the mixed seafood plate is a must-have and perfect for sharing!


Golden Wheat Bakery Café is a favourite among residents where you’ll find fresh-out-of-the-oven bread and pastries. The side patio also offers a perfect place to sit and linger over a sweet, flaky pastry and coffee.

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Residents can be found in any of Keelesdale’s four parks along Black Creek Drive near Eglinton Avenue for leisure time or to get some much-needed exercise.


Starting at the north end, Trethewey Park is a nature revitalization area on the banks of the Black Creek. This is an ideal spot for picnickers and nature enthusiasts.


Coronation Park is a mix of sports and leisure and offers both T-ball and softball leagues as well as two tennis courts, a children’s playground, and a woodland trail. North Keelesdale Park and Keelesdale South Park also feature large sports fields and baseball diamonds.

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A cluster of recreational activities is available in the Black Creek Drive and Eglinton Avenue area. The Centennial Recreation Centre at 2694 Eglinton Avenue West offers an indoor swimming pool, while the Chris Tonks Arena is a perfect destination for residents during the winter months.

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Transit & Commute Times

When it comes to public transport, Keelesdale is quite accessible. Bus service is available on Eglinton, Keele and Rogers Road. The Keele Street and Rogers Road buses connect to the Keele and Ossington Stations on the Bloor-Danforth subway line, while the Eglinton Avenue bus links to the Eglinton West Station on the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line.


Drivers appreciate easy access to Black Creek Drive, which connects to Highways 400 and 401. Using Keele Street, motorists can get to downtown Toronto’s financial and entertainment districts in approximately 20 minutes.

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The Simple Life

Keelesdale’s quiet and peaceful streets offer a slower pace of life that suits the area’s residents, mainly families and seniors. This neighbourhood is still downtown accessible, making it appealing to office commuters who want more affordable housing and relaxed surroundings.


Older homes and the wider, calmer streets in this neighbourhood lend a more suburban feel to this area. Many residents have lived in the neighbourhood for years or decades and have developed a supportive community. There are plenty of excellent schools here, attracting families looking for more space and affordability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keelesdale, York, known for?

Keelesdale is known for its tranquil environment, diverse community, and affordable housing.

Why is it called Keelesdale?

Keelesdale is named after Keele Street, which is a north/south route through the centre of the neighbourhood.

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