Bowmanville, Clarington Neighbourhood Guide: Heritage in a Thriving Community

Bowmanville, Clarington

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Neighbourhood At a Glance:

Average Commute Time to Toronto

It’s a 50 minute drive from Bowmanville to Toronto, double that by public transit.


The perfect balance of culture, industry, and recreation. No checkboxes missed in this town.

The Housing Market

Plenty of housing options from townhouses to rental apartments to single, detached homes.

What You’ll Love

Bowmanville has a thriving arts community and many sports complexes for an active lifestyle.

What Not To Expect

No traffic jams! Bowmanville is far enough from the Great Toronto Area (GTA) to avoid major road congestion.

Shop, dine and discover in Bowmanville, a thriving community that offers everything you could ask of a small town outside of the GTA. Bowmanville is packed with history and high-quality services that will impress anyone looking for small-town charm. Its downtown is filled with remarkable heritage buildings dating back as far as the late 1800s. On the same street, you’ll find trendy cafés, restaurants, and gift shops that are perfect for daily outings and trips with friends and family. This small town has a great community ambiance with plenty to offer in terms of arts organizations and recreation facilities for people of all ages.

Neighbourhood Review


Bowmanville has a rich variety of housing options, from single, detached homes to apartment buildings and townhouses. There is also a significant portion of households that are rented yearly. Many of Bowmanville’s homes were built pre-1960, but nearly one-third of them were constructed after 2000.


The town preserves its heritage buildings meticulously, which you’ll notice walking around downtown. These commercial buildings, such as the two-and-a-half-story, brick commercial building on King Street, represent the town’s commercial past and date back to the late 1800s. The decorative and magnificent mansard roof of this building adds character to the town and showcases its hard-working history.

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Things to Do in Bowmanville

Arts & Culture

Cultural heritage is part of Bowmanville’s DNA. The town is home to the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington (VAC), which is the greater municipality that Bowmanville belongs to. The VAC, located on Simpson Avenue, “nurtures the cultural development” of the community. It hosts classes and art exhibitions and is supported by both corporate and government funding. Clarington’s Concert Band is also based out of Bowmanville and performs regularly at public concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and educational forums for young musicians.

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The downtown centre has a thriving commercial district located along King Street. This area is a perfect destination for casual afternoon shopping at quaint thrift stores and locally run gift shops. Downtown Bowmanville also has a rich variety of international food stores for people looking to spice up their pantries. In addition, the town has plenty of mainstay grocery store options with both a Metro and FreshCo near the downtown. There are also major box stores like Staples and Walmart for everyday items.

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Restaurants & Dining

There’s a strong selection of global eats in the area, from Indian to Chinese to Middle Eastern food. Along King Street West you can stop by Copperworks Brew Pub for a drink, or head over to the Toasted Walnut for a cup of coffee and a baked treat. In the same area, you can also drop by Nutrition Kitchen for healthy options. In addition, Bowmanville has its fair share of chain restaurants, such as Starbucks, MacDonald’s, and Tim Hortons, for those looking for food on the go.


There are several notable parks and conservation areas in Bowmanville, Clarington. There’s the Bowmanville Creek Barrier Dam, where locals visit seasonally to watch salmon swim upstream and enjoy the view. Many locals also enjoy walking the Soper Creek Trail with their dogs. This area is convenient for families since a playground and baseball field are connected to the trail, making it perfect for a day-long excursion. Along with these choices, the Bowmanville Valley Conservation area is just a five-minute drive from downtown Bowmanville. Here, visitors can explore the trails and walk along the creek where ducks and other animals are frequently spotted. 

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Recreation in this area abounds, with multiple centres for various sporting and community activities. On the west side of town, the Garnet B. Rickard Recreation Complex includes a skating rink and an outdoor play area. Further to the east, there is the Alan Strike Aquatic and Squash Centre. Families go here to enjoy free swimming and book swimming lessons. The squash organization runs a league, organizes tournaments, and facilitates group play regularly. The facilities here are well maintained and the organization is reported to be spectacular.

Transit & Commute Times

Transit to and from Bowmanville is operated by Durham Transit, which has a bus running along King Street West and another travelling north/south along Martin Road. While the GO rail system does not operate out of Bowmanville, a new train station is planned to open in 2024. The operation will be run by Metrolinx and promises approximately 770 parking spaces for the residents of Bowmanville. This will link Bowmanville to the surrounding area, which is a huge boon for commuters working in Oshawa and nearby towns.

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Heritage in a Thriving Community

Bowmanville has everything for those in search of a low-key town to settle in with their family, or those who long to be part of a strong community. The gorgeous downtown area makes for a wonderful outing, and there are enough parks and conservation areas for a summer’s worth of exploration. Access to Toronto takes less than an hour, and residents have plenty of housing options to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bowmanville, Clarington known for?

Bowmanville is known for its many heritage buildings lining its downtown core. Some of these buildings date back to the 1800s and feature decorative designs from a long-gone era.

Why is it called Bowmanville?

The town was named after Charles Bowman, who purchased the first store in the area, formerly known as Darlington Mills. Bowman helped establish a post office and, soon after, in 1852, Bowmanville was incorporated as a town.

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