Greenwood Conservation Area, Ajax Neighbourhood Guide: Pristine Nature

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Neighbourhood At a Glance:

Average Commute Time to Toronto

Greenwood Conservation is an easy commute from Toronto and is about an hour east of the city,


The Housing Market

The nearby neighbourhood of South Greenwood boasts gated estate homes offering scenic views.

What You’ll Love

You’ll love the lush green forests, bubbling creek, colourful wildlife, and hiking trails.

What Not To Expect

Don’t expect large crowds of tourists or expensive park fees.

Greenwood Conservation Area is a hidden gem and is located along the scenic banks of Duffins Creek East, and stretches from Taunton Road to Highway 7 in northern Ajax. The conservation area spans both Pickering and Ajax, and the dividing line in the park is the Fifth Concession Road.


Spend the day and take in the wildlife, wildflowers, or catch a glimpse of the trout swimming upstream in the spring. This park, with its lush green forests, bubbling creek, and colourful wildlife, will provide you with a respite from the busy workweek. 

Neighbourhood Review


Fortunate homeowners who live in the nearby neighbourhood of South Greenwood enjoy gated estate homes offering scenic views of the forest. Greenwood Road and Fielding Court traverse the neighbourhood of estate homes, and the neighbourhood has a small community centre and public school.

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Things to Do in Greenwood Conservation Area

Arts & Culture

Greenwood has a striking landscape of flat sandy plains, hills, valleys, and marshy and forested areas. Towering pine, cedar, oak, and elm trees frame the well-worn hiking and walking trails and there is a wide variety of vegetation, such as Morel mushrooms.


The backdrop of Duffins Creek is home to the migratory rainbow trout that spawn each spring. You might also catch a glimpse of the brook trout – in fact, don’t be surprised to see the trout jumping out of the water along the shores of Duffins Creek. If you’re a fisherman, you’ll need a fishing license to fish at the park until the season closes in September.


Families can enjoy summer day picnics at the park, while kids play in the playground or kick a ball on the soccer field. Seasonal festivities in the park, such as the annual Pumpkinfest, provide for a great day of family fun and entertainment.


Nearby Pickering Museum Village offers a glimpse into the region’s past. This historic village features 19 heritage buildings, gardens, and orchards. Several of the buildings are hidden within the woods of the conservation area. 


The Pickering Museum Village rolls out enticing entertainment, such as the famous Pickering Ghost Walk. This features a guided tour of the historic village by moonlight while hearing stories from the past that will haunt you and give you shivers. 


The Village hosts many other exhibits and events for the public, including Tea and Talk. You’re invited to join them for a cup of tea and homemade scone, which is followed by a discussion about Pickering in the roaring 1920s. Or join The Village for Mother’s Day and explore the world of Anne of Green Gables. You’ll visit the historic homes on the site and learn about historic fashions from Anne’s generation.


How about spending the day with a heritage cook? Watch the cook whip up 1850s inspired meals using a traditional wood stove, which you can enjoy later in the 1850s era dining room.


Pine Ridge


If you’re leaving the conservation area and need to fill up on gas before getting on the highway or would like to grab a burger after a long day, the Meadow Ridge Plaza is located nearby at Westney Road and Taunton Road. This strip mall rolls out big box stores like Sobeys and Shopper’s Drug Mart, and a Dollarama, Good Life Fitness, Popeye’s Chicken, The Beer Store, McDonald’s, and Petro Canada gas station make shopping easy and convenient.


If you’re looking for a specialty shop to purchase a unique gift for friends or family, check out the Country Cheese Company on Kingston Road East, which rolls out artisan and specialty gourmet cheese. Top sellers at the store include the cheese and charcuterie box and there are a wide variety of cheeses available – you can choose from cheese made with buffalo milk, cow milk, goat milk, mixed milk, and sheep milk. There is even lactose-free cheese and low-fat cheese. If cheese is your thing, you’ll love the Country Cheese Company!


Good Life Fitness

Restaurants & Dining

After a day of hiking, join friends at the Village Public House situated on Church Street South. The burgers are homemade and you can enjoy your meal on the spacious outdoor patio. Indoors, cheer on your favourite team as you watch the Premier League, Champion League, the NFL, and more as you unwind from your day at the park.


If your family has a penchant for chicken wings, drive over to AllStar Wings. This restaurant features more than 200 flavours of chicken wings, including Sweet Tooth Rancher, Caesar Does New Mexico, and Mexican Mouth Fiesta. Try a side of cheesy beef rings, or pop the flavour and try the Snake Bite if you dare!

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Greenwood Conservation Area also has a small playground situated within the park with modern equipment featuring a large slide, climbing structures, and a miniature house that kids of all ages will enjoy. There is also an off-leash dog park in the conservation area.

Greenwood Conservation Area


Greenwood Conservation Area showcases a multitude of hiking trails to enjoy year-round, with hiking in the summer and snow-shoeing in the winter.


Duffins Trail is a scenic 2.9-kilometre route suitable for beginners to experienced hikers alike. It is an engaging mixture of forest, marshlands, soft dry ground, and streams with a variety of elevations to challenge the avid hiker, including stairs and fallen trees to traverse. A portion of the trail is also part of the famous Trans Canada Trail. The trail meanders through the forest and also along the steep-sided river valley and is particularly remarkable in the fall when the trees turn vivid shades of orange and red.


Shorter trails include the White Pine Walk Trail, the Recreational Trail, and the Bird Walk and Meadow Trail. These trails are good options for novice hikers or parents with children. Try one or add another trail to your itinerary to make for a full day of hiking.


If you’re enjoying a day hiking at the park, the All Trails app is a handy tool that can assist you in navigating the trails and choosing the trails that match your fitness goals and abilities. 


The park is also a favourite for pet lovers – the off-leash dog park provides a space for pets to roam and is set off from the rest of the park at the Church Street entrance, just north of Taunton Road.

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Transit & Commute Times

Greenwood Conservation Area is an easy commute from Toronto and is about an hour east of the city, located at the Westney Road exit of Hwy. 401, just north of Taunton Road. The area is not served by public transit and you’ll need a vehicle to travel to the park.

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A Day in Paradise

Whether you’re spending the day hiking, taking your dog for an hour-long walk at the dog park, or visiting from Toronto and spending the weekend exploring the conservation area, Greenwoods Conservation Area offers unsurpassed beauty and showcases nature at its finest.


From its historic beginnings as a settlement community for European and Quaker immigrants to the present day, Greenwood Conservation Area is a living testament to how the fragility of nature can be preserved while the surrounding communities continue to progress with new construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Greenwood Conservation Area, Ajax, known for?

Greenwood Conservation Area showcases a multitude of hiking trails to enjoy year-round, with hiking in the summer and snow-shoeing in the winter.

Why is it called Greenwood Conservation Area?

Greenwood Conservation Area derives its name from the Green family, who were among the early settlers to the Greenwood area.

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