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Eman Nejad

Eman Nejad, Head of Data Science at Wahi, lives and breathes data. Read about how he spends his day finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

By Kristin Doucet | 2 minute read

Eman Nejad

1. Give us the 30-second elevator pitch about what you do at Wahi.

I lead the data-driven applications at Wahi, such as automated valuation models, Neighbourhood Finder, and market data visualizations, among others. I work closely with the product, marketing, operations and leadership teams to explore problems and deliver solutions. 

2. How and why did you get into your industry?

I think the real estate industry needs a revolutionary transition from traditional to modernized digital flow. Digital flow means collecting, exploring, and analyzing real estate data to provide homebuyers and sellers with the information they need on their real estate journeys. I saw this challenge as an exciting opportunity for me to contribute data science knowledge to help maximize the benefits of real estate data for consumers. 

3. What do you love most about your job?

I believe that innovation is the DNA of any data team. We have a positive working relationship at Wahi which allows the data team to think openly about problems and propose solutions. The leadership team’s understanding of the importance of data to the consumer motivates my team to solve complex issues.  

4. What does your day look like?

My job includes a variety of responsibilities but some tasks are constant. My time is spent between team meetings, coding, reading scientific papers, developing product ideas and building data-driven solutions. Collaboration and communication with other team members at Wahi are a daily part of my job. Consequently, I am in meetings with team members for three hours a day on average. I communicate with internal and external teams about new ways to utilize real estate data and what product developments are on the horizon. 

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5. What podcast are you listening to now?

I regularly follow podcasts related to high-tech startups in North America. It’s interesting to hear about successful people in different fields. I learn a lot from these podcasts and they motivate me to work even harder to achieve my life goals.  

6. Do you have any advice for people who want to be a data scientist?

Data science is not just about mathematics and coding. A successful data scientist should have a good understanding of problem statements and how to solve them. Good communication skills are also required to collaborate with different stakeholders to find innovative solutions to those problems. Attending conferences to meet people in the field, reading business-related articles and books, and developing programming skills will help you become a successful data scientist. In addition, a good data scientist should learn the field of interest. For instance, working in the finance sector requires a different skill set than working in the healthcare sector. Learning everything you can about the industry you’re working in will enable you to better explore problems and propose solutions to the end-users in that field. 

Kristin Doucet

Wahi Managing Editor