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Why live in Hammonds Plains?

Hammonds Plains has so much to offer residents. It is a quiet, family-friendly community located next to Bedford. This makes it a great place to live if you want to be near the many amenities of a more active community without actually living in a busier urban setting. Although Hammonds Plains has all the basic amenities, it has a more rural feel with lots of access to nature. For instance, the community is filled with scenic lakes and rivers, like Flat Lake, Coxs Lake, Long Lake, Second Lake, Baptizing Lake, Schmidt Lake, and Mortons Lake. This gives residents plenty of opportunities to stay active year-round, whether they prefer swimming, fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking, or canoeing. Speaking of green space, Hammonds Plains has several parks and trails, such as Long Lake Park, West Kingswood Park, Blue Mountain Dr Park, Micmac Park, McCabe Lake Park, and White Hill Park Trail. Given that it is a very family-oriented community, there are lots of other attractions for families too. For instance, Hammonds Plains is home to an escape room, Mind Hack Room Escapes, as well as Splashifax and Atlantic Splash Adventure water parks, Hatfield Farm (which features a petting zoo and horseback riding lesson), and Glen Arbour Golf Course. Meanwhile, given that Bedford is only a 15 minute drive from Hammonds Plains, residents can also take advantage of the many attractions and amenities that can be found there. Some of the most popular spots in Bedford include Dewolfe Park (home to the Bedford Days summer festival, a 30-year tradition in the community), Lions Park, the Bedford Basin Yacht Club, Sunnyside Mall, Papermill Lake, Sandy Lake, and Admiral Cove Lake. Finally, Hammonds Plains locals can also easily travel to downtown Halifax, which is known for its nightlife, history, and arts and culture institutions, like the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Lastly, what draws people to Hammonds Plain, in addition to the nature and attractions, is the community’s affordability. It has a low cost of living that can be hard to find in many parts of Canada and even Nova Scotia.

Quality and diversity of education in Hammonds Plains

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education, the largest school board in Atlantic Canada, operates three public schools in Hammonds Plains. They are Hammonds Plains Consolidated Elementary, Kingswood Elementary, and Madeline Symonds Middle School. Since there is no local high school in Hammonds Plains, residents will need to go to one of the nearby secondary schools, such as West Bedford High School or Charles P. Allen High in Bedford. The nearest private schools to Hammonds Plains are also in Bedford, Sandy Lake Academy and Bedford Academy, to name a few. That said, there are several private schools in Halifax, like Halifax Independent School, Armbrae Academy, and Halifax Christian School. As for post-secondary school, Hammonds Plains residents are well positioned. Many of the top universities and colleges in the Maritimes are located in Halifax, which is less than half an hour away. These include Dalhousie University, St. Mary’s University, Mount Saint Vincent University, NSCAD University, University of King’s College, and the Atlantic School of Theology. Meanwhile, Acadia University is only an hour north in Wolfville.

Most populous cities in Hammonds Plains

The main neighbourhoods in Hammonds Plains are Brookline, Cedarwood, Glen Arbour, Highland Park, Kingswood, Kingswood North, Maplewood, Perry Pond, Uplands Park, Voyageur Lakes, and White Hills.

Quality of infrastructure for Hammonds Plains

As part of the Halifax Regional Municipality, Hammonds Plains transit is provided by Halifax Transit. Specifically, Halifax Transit’s bus route 433 serves Hammonds Plains, travelling from Tantallon to Hammonds Plains, before ending at Lacewood Terminal in Clayton Park. From there, passengers can board buses to many other parts of Halifax, including downtown Halifax. Despite this public transportation option, many Hammonds Plains residents find it easier to get around by car. Thankfully, this is easy since the community is located near many of Nova Scotia’s biggest highways, like Highway 103, Highway 101, Highway 102, and Highway 213 (which goes directly to Bedford and downtown Halifax). If you’re looking to get farther outside of Halifax and don’t want to travel by car, downtown Halifax has a Via Rail station, which offers trains to major cities across Canada, including Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and even Vancouver. Maritime Bus offers more regional services via coach bus, and they have stops in both downtown Halifax and Lower Sackville. On Maritime Bus, passengers can be transported to destinations large and small all over Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and eastern Quebec. Finally, Hammonds Plains residents can take advantage of living near the largest airport in the Maritimes. Halifax Stanfield International Airport is located just 25 minutes from Hammonds Plains. Lastly, Hammonds Plains has its own medical clinic, the Hammonds Plains Family Practice and Walk-In Clinic. The Bedford Medical Clinic is also nearby, as is the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, which is the biggest hospital on Canada’s East Coast.

Safety and security for Hammonds Plains

Halifax Regional Police operate in Hammonds Plains and emergency services can be called by dialling 9-1-1. In terms of natural disasters, the main risk is hurricanes. However, Hammonds Plains is further inland, which makes it a safer spot to be. It also has a low crime rate well below the national average.

Hammonds Plains property market

Hammonds Plains’ housing market is affordable, making it an attractive place to buy a home. As a suburb, the community is largely dominated by subdivisions. This means that most properties for sale here are going to be detached, single-family homes and bungalows.

Standard of living in Hammonds Plains

The quality of life in Hammonds Plains is high. It is affordable, safe, close to Bedford and Halifax, surrounded by lakes and rivers, and has many family-friendly attractions and amenities. It also offers public transit access and is close to many of the best schools in Nova Scotia. Together, this translates to a very high standard of living.

Something wonderful about Hammonds Plains

Hammonds Plains has an interesting history with the Loyalists, like many other parts of Nova Scotia. The United Empire Loyalists settled in Hammonds Plains back in 1786, after the end of the American Revolution War. In fact, the area was originally created as a settlement for the Loyalists. The settlement was created along a road that ran between Birch Cove and Bedford Basin. At the time, locals voted in favour of naming the settlement after Lt. Governor Andrew Snape Hamond, which is why the area eventually became known as Hammonds Plains. By the early nineteenth century, Hammonds Plains had grown, largely due to an influx of settlers who had fought in the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812. Another fun fact about Hammonds Plains is that in the 1950s, it was a contender for a new international airport in Halifax. However, the decision was ultimately made to build the airport in Goffs instead.

Population & demographics

Total population


Population age (%)

0-19 (28%)20-34 (13%)35-49 (23%)50-64 (24%)65+ (13%)


Average household income


Household composition (%)

Single person (13%)Multi person (2%)Single Family (85%)

Owners / Renters (%)

Owners (88%)Renters (12%)

Mother Tongue (%)

English (91%)Others (4%)French (2%)Mandarin (1%)

How much does it cost to live in Hammonds Plains?


Median Selling Price$700,000

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Hammonds Plains Review


Car Friendly


Excellent access to freeways and major arteries, with a vast amount of parking nearby

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Few transit options

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Few or no cafés within walking distance



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Few or no shops within walking distance



Few or no restaurants within walking distance

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Very few sources of noise nearby, if any



Quiet atmosphere at all hours