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Lamont County, Alberta, offers a peaceful rural lifestyle with an average commute time of just 45 minutes to the bustling city of Edmonton. The local lifestyle is a blend of agricultural traditions and modern amenities, with a strong sense of community and a love for outdoor activities. Residents appreciate the county's wide-open spaces, scenic beauty, and the tranquillity that comes with living away from the city's hustle and bustle. One of the unique aspects of Lamont County is its rich Ukrainian heritage, which is celebrated through local festivals and culinary delights. However, don't expect a fast-paced urban lifestyle or a plethora of shopping malls and entertainment venues. Instead, Lamont County offers a slower pace of life, where neighbours know each other, and the sense of community is strong. The county's charm lies in its simplicity, making it a perfect place for those seeking a serene and close-knit community.