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We’ve put together a list of 21 of the best podcasts for everything you need to know about real estate investing!

By Emily Southey | 12 minute read

Dec 8

Looking to learn more about the world of real estate investing or keep up to date with the latest tips and trends? Real estate investing podcasts are for you! To help you get started, we have put together a list of the top podcasts for real estate investors to learn and benefit from. Check them out below.

Resources for Real Estate Investors

Becoming a real estate investor requires ample time. This is because, in order to increase your chances of success, you must be willing to learn all about the world of real estate investing. Taking the time to learn the ins and outs of the industry is crucial if you want to see your investment succeed. Thankfully, there are many resources out there that can help amateur investors learn more. From books and online forums to in-person networking events and even YouTube videos, real estate investors have a variety of options when it comes to increasing their knowledge of the real estate market. Another popular option is podcasts. There are tons of real estate investing podcasts available today, many of which are free and easily accessible via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other platforms. Listening to such podcasts can be a great way to stay up to date with the latest real estate investing trends and learn new tips and tricks on how to make the most of your investment. Keep reading to discover some of the top real estate podcasts of 2022.


Top Real Estate Investing Podcasts 2022

Are you ready to dive into the world of real estate podcasts? Then check out this list of the best real estate podcasts, covering everything from how to invest in commercial real estate to the fundamentals of real estate investing. 

1. The Remote Real Estate Investor (Tom Schneider, Emil Shour, and Michael Albaum)

The Remote Real Estate Investor, hosted by Tom Schneider, Emil Shour, and Michael Albaum, is dedicated to international investors (that is, those who invest in properties hundreds of miles away from where they live). This type of investor might sound a little niche but it represents a quickly growing segment of real estate investors. If investing in real estate in another city, region, or country from where you currently reside, this podcast is for you. Each episode is centred on the lucrative opportunities that long-distance real estate investing offers, as well as how investors can set themselves up for success. More specifically, Schneider, Shour, and Albaum cover topics like how to identify a great international market, how to manage a property manager from abroad, how to analyze properties from afar and determine which deals are worth pursuing, how to mitigate risk and avoid common mistakes, and much more. 


2. Bigger Pockets (Brandon Turner and David Greene)

Hosted by Brandon Turner (known for popularizing the BRRRR method of real estate investing) and David Greene, the Bigger Pockets podcast is one of the most popular real estate investing podcasts out there today. It frequently features interviews with top investors, focusing on everything from the best real estate investing strategies to new niches. One of the main draws of Bigger Pockets is the variety of investors who are featured. Turner and Greene have interviewed investors from all walks of life, from stay-at-home moms to former waiters. No matter your past careers or your investing experience, Bigger Pockets can show you how to make your real estate investment goals a reality.


3. Real Estate & Financial Independence (Chad Carson)

In the Real Estate & Financial Independence podcast, Chad Carson talks about achieving financial independence through real estate investing. This podcast is well-suited to buy-and-hold investors, as well as new investors looking for practice advice on how to leverage their real estate investments to retire early and enjoy life.


4. Apartment Building Investing (Michael Blank)

Apartment Building Investing is the next must-listen podcast on this list. Hosted by Michael Blank, this podcast is for any investor who is considering purchasing a multi-family complex. Each week, Blank shares his invaluable insights on topics like how to acquire private financing, how to invest in multi-family units, and how to syndicate deals. Specific topics covered by Apartment Building Investing include financial and tax advice, securing financing for your next investment property, and finding hidden value in apartment buildings. Both inspiring and practical, Apartment Building Investing is worth any real estate investor’s time.

“As a real estate investor, there are many podcasts that might be worth listening to. However, to determine which are most worthwhile, you will have to consider your level of experience and real estate investing interests and goals.”

5. The Real Estate Guys (Robert Helms and Russell Gray)

The Real Estate Guys is one of the oldest real estate investing podcasts around, dating back to 1997. It is co-hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray. This is a great podcast for investors who already possess some knowledge of real estate investing, as it covers topics you won’t find anywhere else. For example, The Real Estate Guys discusses topics like how to apply broad macroeconomic trends to the real estate investment market, what rising interest rates mean for real estate, how to take advantage of alternative lending options, and more. 

6. The Best Ever Show (Joe Fairless)

Joe Fairless hosts one of the longest-running daily real estate investing podcasts known as The Best Ever Show. This podcast features interviews with investors and specializes in passive real estate investing advice and apartment syndications. On The Best Ever Show, Fairless provides concrete, actionable advice on how to grow and scale your portfolio and manage your properties.


7. The Canadian Real Estate Investor (Daniel Foch and Nick Hill)

The Canadian Real Estate Investor, hosted by Daniel Foch and Nick Hill, is a must for all real estate investors in Canada. This podcast not only provides insight into how to structure deals and grow your real estate portfolio, but it also prioritizes up-to-date Canadian real estate news. Recent topics covered include breaking your mortgage as a homeowner, the issue of record low home ownership in Canada, the growing concern over fraudulent rental applications, and how to invest in real estate with as little as $15,000.


8. Toronto Under Construction (Ben Myers and Steve Cameron)

Toronto Under Construction is another must-listen podcast for Ontario real estate investors. It is hosted by Ben Myers and Steve Cameron and each episode (new episodes are published monthly) gets into the nitty-gritty of the Toronto real estate market. Toronto Under Construction has a specific focus on housing policy and economics, covering topics like the low-rise new home market and commercial real estate development in the city. Past special guests have included developers Daniel Salerno from Paradise Developments and Leona Savoie from Dorsay Developments, and marketer, builders, and housing advocate Chris Spoke from Buildstack.co, among others. 


9. Where Should I Invest? Real Estate Investing in Canada (Sarah Larbi)

Sarah Larbi hosts a biweekly podcast called Where Should I Invest? Real Estate Investing in Canada. In this podcast, Larbi interviews successful real estate investors who provide invaluable insights and actionable strategies for entering the real estate investment market in Canada. The podcast also touches on the latest real estate news, as well as the fundamental and best practices of investing, making this a great option for beginner investors. Larbi’s track record speaks for itself. At just 33, she is already the owner of nine investment properties and therefore has tons of advice to offer both newcomers and investing veterans.

10. The Andrew Hines Real Estate Investing Podcast (Andrew Hines)

Andrew Hines is the host of The Andrew Hines Real Estate Investing Podcast, which is a great place to start for beginner investors. It discusses the fundamentals of real estate investing, with an emphasis on worthwhile investing strategies, such as the BRRRR method, house flipping, student rentals, private mortgage financing, and more. With new episodes published weekly, This podcast often features interviews with top Canadian real estate professionals, such as Greater Toronto Area REALTOR®, investor, and developer Mandeep Dhesi or Niagara real estate investor and REALTOR® Cory Matthews.


11. Rental Rookie (Emily Du Plessis)

If this is your first foray into managing a rental property, Rental Rookie hosted by Emily Du Plessis is for you. Du Plessis is a former middle school teacher-turned-real estate investor and her podcast aims to educate new investors on the fundamentals of owning an investment property. A great resource for beginner investors, Rental Rookie covers basic topics with ease and clarity, sure to help a newcomer overcome their fears and insecurities over real estate investing. 


12. The Real Wealth Show (Kathy Fettke)

Real estate investing expert and the author of Retire Rich with Rentals Kathy Fettke hosts The Real Wealth Show podcast. This weekly podcast offers a wide range of practical and concrete investing strategies, as well as pertinent market information and insights, all with the goal of helping other investors acquire, manage, and monetize their real estate investments. The Real Wealth Show is suited to all kinds of investors and investment goals, from those planning to retire and wanting to transition to property management for long-term investment to new investors looking for turnkey rental properties. It’s worth noting that Kathy Fettke also hosts The Real Estate News podcast, The Real Wealth Show’s sister podcast. As you might suspect, this podcast is solely focused on covering real estate news, such as market trends, as opposed to educational content found in The Real Wealth Show.


13. Real Estate Today Radio (National Association of REALTORSⓇ)

Real Estate Today is a podcast created by the National Association of REALTORSⓇ that provides insights into real estate investing strategy, property values, and market fluctuations. It is a great podcast for those looking to gain a greater understanding of the forces that shape the market while also teaching investors how to evaluate trends and improve negotiation and analysis skills. 


14. Lifetime CashFlow Through Real Estate Investing (Rod Khleif)

Lifetime CashFlow Through Real Estate Investing hosted by Rod Khleif is just as the name suggests — it features stories and advice from real estate investing experts who have successfully built fortunes through their investments. Khleif interviews a range of industry leaders who provide motivational tips on how to grow your portfolio through multi-family real estate. For the skeptical, Khleif has owned and managed over 2,000 properties throughout his career and infuses the podcast with much of his own advice and wisdom. 


15. Think Realty Radio (Abhi Golhar)

Think Realty Radio hosted by Abhi Golhar is dedicated to educating and coaching real estate investors of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, Golhar’s podcast has all kinds of wisdom to help you on your journey. Topics range from interior design trends to financing to the day-to-day management of rental properties. Another pro of this podcast is that episodes are short and to the point, with new ones arriving weekly. Think Realty Radio also covers the ins and outs of investing in all types of properties, including single-family homes, mobile homes, multi-family complexes, land, and even self-storage. 

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16. REtipster (Seth Williams and Jaren Barnes)

Seth Williams and Jaren Barnes co-host the REtipster podcast, which outlines some of the top real estate investing strategies, such as house flipping, wholesaling, rental properties, and more. This podcast places a special emphasis on land investing, which might be interesting for investors with a penchant for vacant land over resale properties. Further, Williams and Barnes guide investors looking to turn their real estate investments into a business while also providing worthwhile advice for passive investors. 


17. Epic Real Estate (Matt Theriault)

Matt Theriault is a professional real estate investor, entrepreneur, and bestselling author who also happens to host the Epic Real Estate podcast. In this podcast, he blends the conventional with the creative, touching on the most conventional ways to invest in real estate, as well as creative approaches to real estate investing. He frequently interviews other experienced investors to cover niche topics like mobile home investing or tax strategies. 


18. How to Scale Commercial Real Estate (Sam Wilson)

Sam Wilson of Bricken Investment Group is the host of How To Scale Commercial Real Estate. Though most real estate investing podcasts focus on residential real estate investing, Wilson’s centres on commercial investing. Through the podcast, Wilson interviews guests with experience in all areas of commercial real estate investing. If you are considering expanding your real estate investment portfolio outside of residential and into commercial properties, this is the podcast for you. (It is also worth noting that while the focus is on commercial real estate, Wilson does cover some important residential investing topics.)


19. The Real Estate Syndication Show (Whitney Sewell)

Whitney Sewell is a successful real estate syndicator (meaning he facilitates large commercial real estate deals) and the founder of private equity company Lifebridge Capital, which makes him perfectly poised to host The Real Estate Syndication Show. Given the complex nature of real estate syndications, this is an important podcast for any real estate investor looking to enter this complicated world. Sewell provides tips on how to succeed as a passive investor, such as what investors should look for when vetting real estate syndications. He frequently invites guests on the podcast to offer insight into prominent topics like how to borrow investment property loans, find smart property deals, and how to structure deals. 


20. Afford Anything (Paula Pant)

Paula Pant is a passive real estate investor and the host of Afford Anything, the message behind which is simple: through real estate investing, you can afford anything but not everything. Therefore, you need to prioritize your goals and be intentional with your investments. Afford Anything touches on top real estate investing strategies, how to manage your financial goals, and more. Beyond the podcast, which publishes new episodes weekly, Pant also frequently publishes relevant and educational content on her blog.


21. Live Off Rents (Deni Supplee and Brian Davis)

Last but not least, Live Off Rents, hosted by Deni Supplee and Brian Davis, is a podcast that focuses on passive income through real estate investing, rental properties, property management, becoming a landlord, and financial independence and retiring early (FIRE). Episodes are short and punchy, clocking in at 15 to 20 minutes each. They are often broadcast live, allowing for audience interaction and questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What podcasts should I be listening to as a real estate investor?

As a real estate investor, there are many podcasts that might be worth listening to. However, to determine which are most worthwhile, you will have to consider your level of experience and real estate investing interests and goals. For example, if you are a commercial real estate investor, then How to Scale Commercial Real Estate hosted by Sam Wilson might be of interest to you. But if your area of interest lies in multi-family complexes, then Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank might be more up your alley. Alternatively, if you are a novice investor looking to learn the fundamentals, you might be better off listening to Afford Anything with Paula Pant, Rental Rookie with Emily Du Plessis, or The Real Estate Guys with Robert Helms and Russell Gray. Meanwhile, if you are looking for insight into specific markets, we recommend a podcast with a local or regional focus, such as The Canadian Real Estate Investor with Daniel Foch and Nick Hill, Where Should I Invest? Real Estate Investing in Canada with Sarah Larbi, or Toronto Under Construction with Ben Myers and Steve Cameron. 

Where can I listen to real estate investing podcasts?

Most real estate investing podcasts are available wherever you listen to podcasts, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Audible. 

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