Wahi Writers

Wahi Writers

Josh Sherman

Josh is a staff writer for Wahi. His work has previously appeared in The Globe and Mail, Los Angeles Review of Books, Toronto Life and many others.


Emily Southey

Emily has over seven years experience in the content creation world. She specializes in writing real estate, insurance, and finance.


Kristin Doucet

Kristin is Wahi’s managing editor. She has over 25 years of experience writing and editing for various publications in financial services and education.


Jared Lindzon

Jared is a Toronto-based writer and public speaker. He writes for Fast Company and The Globe & Mail, and has written for The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Fortune Magazine.


Laura Bickle

Laura is a Toronto-based freelance writer and editor whose 100-year-old home is a constant source of ideas for Home Improvement Hacks, a monthly feature she writes for Wahi, along with My Sweet Spot. 


Brennan Doherty

Brennan is a Toronto-based writer. His works appear in the 
Toronto StarThe Globe and Mail, Future of GoodThe LocalTVO Today and Maisonneuve, among other publications.



Bret Surbey

Brett is a paralegal and writer based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta. His work appears in Forbes Advisor, Canadian Mortgage Trends, Publishers Weekly, Industry West Magazine and various academic journals.