seller discount offering

Save 40% of the Seller’s Commission

On an average GTA home sale, that’s $10,000¹ of fees you’re not paying.

seller discount offering

The Smarter Way to Sell Your Home

If you’d rather not pay a 2.5% seller’s commission, you can use Wahi as your selling agent. You’ll have what you need to sell your home successfully, and forego the extras that jack up commissions.

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Have all the information about your selling process in the palm of your hand.


Use the Bestimator to instantly estimate your home, then use MarketPulse to help you set a competitive price that creates action.


Your Wahi Licensed Experts are a call or text away to help you at any point in your selling journey. They’re non-commissioned and always working in your best interest.

Common Questions

Is a Licensed Wahi Expert a licensed realtor?

All Licensed Wahi Experts are licensed Realtors®.

When is the savings of $10,000 paid to the Seller?

The savings will be realized at the time of closing as the Seller will pay less commission and thus the net proceeds from the sale will be $10,000 greater than a traditional home sale. 

Do I have to go to showings alone when I use Wahi MySell?

A Wahi Licensed Expert is required to attend all home showings. 

Where is Wahi MySell Available?

Wahi MySell is currently available in the GTA only.

get an instant home estimate

Get an Instant Home Estimate

You can bank on the Bestimator’s proven 90% accuracy rate.

Go into the selling process with a clear idea of what your home is worth. This will help you set your reserve price and inform what you will and won’t accept.

Start Now

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List Your Home With Confidence

Use Market Pulse to create the action you want.

Compare list prices to sale prices in your area for the past 30 days. This will inform the list price and the strategy behind it.

Gauge The Market

find where you belong
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Advice Without Strings

Wahi Licensed Experts are non-commissioned. They focus entirely on you.

You’ll never question whether the recommendations you receive are in your best interests or someone else’s.

Other Wahi Ways to Sell

Rethinking MySell? You can stick with Wahi. We’re pleased to offer other solutions that might make more sense to you.

wahi auctions

Wahi Auctions²

When you want more transparency,

exact timing or a fast sale.

Seller Commission


Keep an extra


Get Listed

wahi full service

Wahi Full Service

When you want an Elite Partner

Realtor® in your corner.

Seller Commission


Elite Partner Realtor®

Get Matched

¹ Commission savings based on an average home sale price of $1,000,000 and a 2.5% seller commission.

Available in select locations – see where Wahi services are available.

² All real estate services related to client representation are rendered by Wahi Ontario Inc., Brokerage.

Services required to host and facilitate auctions are performed by Wahi Inc.