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Midale, nestled in the rural municipality of Cymri No. 36, offers a tranquil lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The average commute time to the nearest major city, Weyburn, is approximately 30 minutes, providing easy access to urban amenities while maintaining a peaceful country living. Residents of Midale enjoy a close-knit community, with local events and outdoor activities fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. The town's charm lies in its picturesque landscapes, friendly locals, and slower pace of life, making it a haven for those seeking a serene environment. However, don't expect a bustling nightlife or a plethora of shopping options in Midale. The town's appeal is its simplicity and the opportunity it provides for a quiet, relaxed lifestyle. The absence of big-city distractions allows residents to appreciate the natural beauty and tranquility that Midale has to offer.

Population & demographics

Total population


Population age (%)

0-19 (27%)20-34 (18%)35-49 (18%)50-64 (19%)65+ (18%)


Average household income


Household composition (%)

Single person (35%)Multi person (2%)Single Family (63%)

Owners / Renters (%)

Owners (85%)Renters (15%)

Mother Tongue (%)

English (95%)German (3%)Plautdietsch (1%)English and French (1%)