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Why live in Hampton Place?

Hampton Place is one of seven planned neighbourhoods on the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver Campus. In fact, it was the first planned neighbourhood to be built, as well as the first major project to be undertaken by the UBC Properties Trust. Thus, it has a long history that dates back to the 1980s. This makes it one of the most established neighbourhoods on UBC. It also happens to be one of the few areas that consists of 100% market-leasehold housing. All this to say, Hampton Place is a very prestigious community. It is also extremely small, which makes it exclusive, meaning that if you are one of the select few to live here, you are one of the lucky ones. Why? Hampton Place has so much going for it, from its prime location next to UBC to its close proximity to nature, including Pacific Spirit Regional Park, the University Endowment Lands, and the many beaches of the Georgia Strait.

Quality and diversity of education in Hampton Place

Hampton Place is a central neighbourhood of the UBC campus in Vancouver, which means that you will be a literal stone’s throw away from one of the top universities in the world. In 2022, the University of British Columbia was ranked as the top university in BC, the second best university in Canada, and the 13th best university in the world. If you choose to attend UBC, you will have unlimited resources at your disposal, not to mention your pick of programs, with faculties ranging from architecture and engineering to law, arts, science, and more. However, given Hampton Place’s close proximity to the rest of Vancouver, there are several other universities and colleges to choose from should you choose to pursue post-secondary education. These include Simon Fraser University, Capilano University, Vancouver Film School, the Art Institute of Vancouver, and the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Meanwhile, there are also many elementary and secondary school options around Hampton Place. University Hill Secondary School is next to the UBC Campus, along with several other nearby schools in the neighbouring areas of Point Grey and Dunbar. All public schools in the vicinity are operated by the Vancouver School District, or BC School District No. 39.

Most populous cities in Hampton Place

Hampton Place is already a small neighbourhood within UBC, which means it hasn’t been divided up into even tinier neighbourhoods. That said, the other six neighbourhoods that can be found on the UBC campus include Wesbrook Place, North Campus Area, Hawthorn Place, Stadium Neighbourhood, East Campus Neighbourhood, and Chancellor Place. Meanwhile, University Hill, Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Point Grey, Dunbar-Southlands, and Kitsilano all surround UBC.

Quality of infrastructure for Hampton Place

Hampton Place is easily accessible thanks to Metro Vancouver’s TransLink public transportation system, which operates numerous bus routes in and around the area. Many of these bus routes go into downtown Vancouver, where there are many coach bus services available, as well as the SkyTrain, the West Coast Express train, and a Via Rail train station. Plus, Vancouver International Airport, also located on the city’s west side, can be easily accessed via SW Marine Drive. It takes approximately 25 minutes to drive from Hampton Place to the airport. Further, you won’t have to travel far for quality healthcare services, with the UBC clinic and the UBC Hospital being located on campus.

Safety and security for Hampton Place

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) is tasked with keeping all Vancouver residents safe, including those of Hampton Place. However, the crime rate in Hampton Place is below average, which means you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Plus, you can always call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Hampton Place property market

Living in Hampton Place can be difficult, simply due to the fact that housing opportunities are extremely limited. However, if you find a property available here, it will likely be an apartment, condo, townhome, or semi-detached home.

Standard of living in Hampton Place

Hampton Place is a neighbourhood that is lauded for its excellent quality of life. Due to the area’s natural surroundings, proximity to the university, easy access to downtown, and superior infrastructure, you will enjoy a high standard of living if you choose to reside here. Even better, Hampton Place is one of Vancouver’s many neighbourhoods, and Vancouver as a whole was recently named one of the most liveable cities in the world. According to The Global Liveability Index’s 2023 Liveability Report, Vancouver, Canada is the fifth most liveable city on the planet.

Something wonderful about Hampton Place

Since Hampton Place was the first neighbourhood to be constructed on the UBC campus, it served as a model for the neighbourhoods that were later built, including Chancellor Place, Hawthorn Place, Wesbrook Place, and more. The area’s history began in 1984 when the UBC Properties Trust was formed at the behest of Robert H. Lee, a member of the Board of Governors, who put forth the idea of residential development on the UBC campus.

Population & demographics

Total population


Population age (%)

0-19 (22%)20-34 (33%)35-49 (18%)50-64 (15%)65+ (13%)


Average household income


Household composition (%)

Single person (35%)Multi person (8%)Single Family (57%)

Owners / Renters (%)

Renters (54%)Owners (46%)

Mother Tongue (%)

English (43%)Mandarin (30%)Korean (6%)Iranian Persian (4%)Yue (Cantonese) (4%)Spanish (3%)Japanese (2%)Arabic (2%)Punjabi (Panjabi) (1%)

Hampton Place Review


Car Friendly


Good access to freeways and major arteries, with a large amount of parking nearby

Pedestrian Friendly


Few day-to-day needs are within walking distance

Transit Friendly


Transit is available for most trips

Shopping, Food and Nightlife



Some cafés within walking distance



At least one grocery store within a 15-minute walk



Few or no bars within walking distance



Some shops within walking distance



Some restaurants within walking distance

Greenery & Character



Some sources of noise nearby



Quiet atmosphere at all hours