6 Questions to Ask your REALTOR®

When choosing a Realtor, there are some important questions to ask to ensure they are the right fit.

By Kristin Doucet | 3 minute read

Jun 3

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Slow communication can mean the difference between getting or losing out on your dream home.

Before hiring a Realtor, experts recommend interviewing at least three agents. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, asking specific questions can help you determine if they are the right Realtor for you. 


3 Questions to Ask as a Buyer 


Here are three important questions to ask your Realtor when searching for a home.


1. What’s your availability, and how often will we be in touch?

Ask your prospective Realtor about their availability, including how many other clients they are currently representing, how often they’ll be in touch, and in what fashion —  via the Wahi app chat feature, text message, email, or phone. You should also ask them about their communication style and let them know your preferences. In a market where properties move quickly, the last thing you want is an unresponsive agent. Slow communication can mean the difference between getting or losing out on your dream home. 


2. What’s the appropriate number of properties to see before making an offer?

While you’re likely eager to get started on the homebuying journey, buying a home is not a decision to be made hastily. While there’s no one right answer, seasoned Realtors know to prepare homebuyers to see at least several homes before making an offer, and any prospective agent should give you the same advice. 

“A good Realtor won’t just tell you what you want to hear.”

3. What do we do in a bidding war?

The short answer is: it depends. Bidding wars can be common in certain markets. Asking a Realtor how they would help you navigate a bidding war is important. After all, in a seller’s market, negotiations can get heated and counter-offers may be the only way to win your dream home. Find out how they would advise you in these circumstances, including how aggressive they would recommend you be with your price and terms, and what a competitive offer looks like.


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3 Questions to Ask as a Seller

Here are three important questions to ask a Realtor when selling your home.


1. What price should I list my home at?

A good Realtor won’t just tell you what you want to hear. Sellers should be wary of a Realtor who recommends listing your home at a price much higher than the others. There are several factors to consider including the reasons you’re selling, how quickly you need to sell, local market conditions, and more. 


Use Wahi’s proprietary home value estimate tool to get an estimate of the value of your home. The tool uses real-time local market trend data, along with the most unique characteristics of your home, to calculate an estimated valuation with a 90% accuracy rate. It considers a variety of property characteristics and factors that affect a home’s value, including location, size, taxes, square footage, and other attributes. 


Based on your Wahi home value estimate and comparable listing and sold prices in the area, your Realtor should be able to provide you with a realistic range and their reasoning behind their recommendation.


2. How are you going to market my home?

This is an opportunity to get a full overview of your Realtor’s services. Selling a home requires marketing, which can involve multiple strategies. Ask your prospective candidate about which strategies they plan to use — from professional photography and videography to online marketplace listings, social media, and flyers. Also, ask if staging services are offered and their opinion on open houses versus private showings.


3. What are you going to do differently from other Realtors?

This is where you’ll get a sense of your Realtor’s unique brand and how they set themselves apart from their competitors. What will they do to go above and beyond? It’s standard for a Realtor to post your home on online real estate marketplaces, as is promoting your home on social media, but find out if there’s anything they’ll do differently from other realtors. Have they developed a unique value proposition, do they have an authentic brand identity, and have they built a strong online presence? To ensure there is a good fit, make sure you resonate with the Reatlor’s brand. After all, they will be representing your most precious financial asset.

If you’re uncertain about where to begin your search for the right Realtor, Wahi’s
Realtor recommendation system can connect you with an agent who has a proven track record in your area and for your type of property. 


Kristin Doucet

Wahi Managing Editor

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