Where GTA Homes With the Biggest and Smallest Lot Sizes Are Selling

Wahi’s analysis of 2023 Greater Toronto Area sales data reveals where buyers are purchasing homes with the widest, deepest, and largest overall lots and more.

By Josh Sherman | 2 minute read

Feb 28

The median-sized lot for sold GTA homes varies considerably from municipality to municipality, with those located on the fringes of the region tending to skew much larger.

For many Greater Toronto Area homebuyers, the size of a home’s lot matters, well, a lot.


Whether they’re first-time homebuyers looking for a large backyard for the kids to play, or an investor considering redevelopment potential, lot size is one of the top six factors affecting a house’s value. Now, new analysis from digital real estate platform Wahi points to where homebuyers are purchasing homes with the biggest (and smallest) lots.


“Over the pandemic, many families left urban centres in pursuit of larger properties, in part for more private outdoor space,” says Wahi CEO Benjy Katchen. “While this trend has cooled down post-pandemic, there is still sales activity in places like King, Scugog, Uxbridge, and Brock, the areas with the largest-sized lots,” Katchen adds. 


Wahi’s data team looked at 2023 listings data for non-condo (including detached and semi-detached homes as well as row and townhouses) transactions across the 25 municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area, breaking down the City of Toronto into an additional six submarkets (East York, Etobicoke, North York, Old Toronto, Scarborough, and York) for more detailed analysis. Wahi has identified the cities and towns with the widest and narrowest lots, the deepest and shallowest lots, and the largest overall lots.


Key Findings:

gta overbidding neighbourhoods
  • King, a township in York Region, had the largest yards in the GTA with an overall median lot size was 14,273 square feet. It also had the widest lots at a median width of 80 feet, though in terms of depth Uxbridge was tops at 155 feet (however, its median lot size was comparatively smaller at 10,331 square feet).


  • The narrowest lots for non-condo homes are found within the City of Toronto. Old Toronto and East York each had a median width of 25 feet, respectively. However, the median North York lot was 50-feet wide, one of only seven places in the GTA where you’ll find sold properties that were this wide in 2023.


  • Milton, in Halton region, had the shallowest lots as well as the smallest overall lot footprint. The median depth of a sold non-condo home in Milton was 89 feet, while the overall median lot size was 2,949 square feet — the only municipality in the GTA where the median lot was smaller than 3,000 square feet.


  • While several factors determine a home’s value, when looking only at median price and overall lot size, Brock provided the best value for space. The median lot size was 8,811 square feet (4th largest in the GTA), while the median price was $730,000, the lowest in the region.


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Full Data:

Here’s a complete breakdown of lot-size data for non-condo homes that sold across the GTA in 2023.

gta overbidding neighbourhoods

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