Up Your Closet Game

A functional, well-designed closet not only saves you time and limits frustration, it’s also a smart investment, says interior designer Stacey Kost of Simply Design in Barrie, Ont., who counts closets among her specialties. We asked Kost for her tips on creating the perfect closet.

By Laura Bickle | 2 minute read

Jun 28

Francisco Alvarez

“The three spaces that bring value to a home are kitchens, bathrooms and closets.”

Stacey Kost

How can working with a designer on closet design be helpful?

A designer can help problem-solve any struggles with the space as well as maximize the space you have.  Also, if it is a shared closet space, the designer can help to ensure both users and decision makers are being heard, and aim to tick an equal amount of boxes on the wish list.


What should homeowners consider when thinking about improving closet spaces?

It’s best to start with thinking about the budget. If the designer knows what the budget is they can be sure to not over- or under-design. Also consider the types of things that need to be accommodated in the closet: hanging space vs. shelving vs. drawers. Do they need a place to keep shoes? A spot to display their favourite handbag? Having a clear and well thought-out plan is a useful tool in pricing out the project.



When planning the design of your closet, think about all of the items it will store and how they will be stored or displayed.

Any tips for improving closet functionality on a budget?


Any DIY closet system can work well if you take time to plan it out, read through the instructions and follow the guidelines for installation. Many of the off-the-shelf closet systems are easy to work with as they have been designed for DIYers and there is great value to be had if your needs are relatively standard. They do often offer a few options so you can create a very customized look. Drawers are always the most expensive part of cabinetry of any kind, so limiting the number of drawers will always help keep the costs down.  

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Builtins are a big trend in closet design, eliminating the need for extra furniture, like dressers, and maximizing storage.

What trends are you seeing?

Minimalistic space is popular, and closets are a great way to accommodate all your clothing and eliminate the need for dressers and armoires. We’re frequently asked to optimize the space from floor-to-ceiling to maximize storage. Most homes have 8 to 9 ft. ceilings and most closets are 7 ft. tall, so there is lots of extra space to make use of! I have also had a few projects this year where we eliminated the standard sliding doors and reach-in closet and replaced them with built-ins. 

Laura Bickle

Wahi Writer

Photos: Courtesy of Simply Design


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