Child’s Play

Is it starting to look like a Toys R Us exploded in your family room? Here are 10 ways to ensure your kids have easy access to their toys while also making the space comfortable for the whole family.

By Laura Bickle | 2 minute read

Mar 7

Francisco Alvarez

“As time goes on children lose interest in toys, or simply outgrow them. Stash unwanted items in a bin and donate monthly.”

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1. Storage ottomans:

These handy hideaways provide extra seating— and a dumping ground for a quick clean up when company’s coming.

2. Underbed storage bins: 

Consider these for under couches as well if there’s enough clearance.

3. Labelled bins and baskets:

Make it easy for younger kids to clean up themselves by affixing a picture and description of what belongs where — building blocks, puzzles, stuffed animals, etc.

4. Open-front cubbies:

This solution allows toys to be easily seen and accessed. Consider labelling here as well.

5. Over-the-door shoe organizers:

Choose a clear plastic version to stash craft supplies, doll clothes, toy cars, and more.

6. Floating wall shelves:

A visually appealing way to showcase fave books and trinkets, floating shelves work best when they are installed at varying heights that are reachable for tiny hands.

7. Pegboard organizer:

Install a pegboard — painted to coordinate with the room — and use hooks and baskets to store items.

8. Clothesline:

Hang a string across your child’s bedroom wall to hang artwork and stuffies.

9. Play zones:

Designate specific areas — a reading nook, a dress-up corner — for different activities. This will keep similar items together to make it easier for your kids to find and put away their toys.

10. Donation Bin:

As time goes on children lose interest in toys, or simply outgrow them. Stash unwanted items in a bin and donate monthly. Involve your children in the organizing process so they can become familiar with the system and take responsibility for maintaining the order of their toys. Also consider the “20 Toy Rule”: Let your child choose 20 toys to keep out for a week and rotate the selection every week.

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