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Baddeck, Victoria, a charming village nestled on the shores of Bras d'Or Lake, offers a laid-back lifestyle with a strong sense of community. The average commute time to Sydney, the nearest major city, is approximately one hour. Residents enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including sailing, hiking, and golfing, thanks to the region's natural beauty. The village's rich history, embodied in the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site, is a source of local pride and a favourite among visitors. Baddeck's small-town charm, friendly locals, and stunning lake views are among its most beloved features. However, don't expect the hustle and bustle of a big city; Baddeck is a place where life moves at a slower pace, allowing residents to savour each moment.

Population & demographics

Total population


Population age (%)

0-19 (15%)20-34 (13%)35-49 (15%)50-64 (21%)65+ (37%)


Average household income


Household composition (%)

Single person (43%)Multi person (4%)Single Family (53%)

Owners / Renters (%)

Owners (69%)Renters (31%)

Mother Tongue (%)

English (95%)Tagalog (Pilipino, Filipino) (2%)French (1%)