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Brooks at a glance

Brooks, located in the County of Newell, offers a commute time of approximately two hours to Calgary, the nearest major city. The local lifestyle is a blend of rural charm and urban convenience, with a strong sense of community and an emphasis on outdoor activities. Residents enjoy access to numerous parks, golf courses, and the beautiful Lake Newell. Brooks is known for its multicultural diversity, hosting the annual Global Village Festival that celebrates different cultures through food, music, and dance. However, don't expect the hustle and bustle of a big city. Brooks maintains a relaxed pace of life, providing a peaceful environment for families and retirees. The city's commitment to sustainable living is evident in its eco-friendly initiatives, but be prepared for the occasional chinook wind, a warm wind phenomenon common in this part of Alberta.

Population & demographics

Total population


Population age (%)

0-19 (30%)20-34 (19%)35-49 (25%)50-64 (16%)65+ (11%)


Average household income


Household composition (%)

Single person (24%)Multi person (8%)Single Family (67%)Multi Family (1%)

Owners / Renters (%)

Owners (64%)Renters (36%)

Mother Tongue (%)

English (68%)Tagalog (Pilipino, Filipino) (7%)Somali (5%)Spanish (5%)Oromo (3%)Tigrigna (3%)Others (2%)Arabic (1%)Mandarin (1%)French (1%)